Receivers and Guaranty Funds Relation Committee
Chair - Tamara Kopp & Joe Holloway

R&GF Committee Agenda 12/7/2019
Oceanus Decision

The Receivers & Guaranty Fund Relations Committee (R&GF) holds three meetings a year in conjunction with the NAIC meetings. The R&GF Committee:
- Focuses on current topics impacting receivers and guaranty funds
- Provides open forum for discussions of new issues receivers and guaranty funds encounter
- Engages the wide-ranging receivership and guaranty fund community

2019 Annual Report
R & GF is charged with conducting open meetings for the discussion of issues of interest to receivers and guaranty funds and the exploring the resolution of disputes between receivers and guaranty associations on widespread receivership issues, and monitoring receivership activities for newly surfacing areas of contention between receivers and guaranty funds. 

R & GF’s goal is to facilitate the identification, discussion and development of possible resolution of issues affecting receivers and guaranty funds and provide an open forum for review of new issues receivers and guaranty funds may encounter.

In 2019, the R & GF held meetings in April 2019 during the NAIC 2019 Spring National Meeting/IAIR Meetings in Orlando, Florida, in August 2019 during the NAIC 2019 Summer National/IAIR Meetings in New York, New York, and in December 2019 during the NAIC Fall 2018 National/IAIR Meetings in Austin, Texas
During 2019 meetings, the topics have covered a range of areas involving long term care, risk retention and captive group receiverships, enforceability of receivership orders, and cyber security, to name just some of the issues discussed during these 2019 meetings. The committee, through the work of members, has been working on a whitepaper to address the scope and issues involving cyber security.

R & GF will seek input from our receivership and GF community as it sets the agenda for discussions in 2020.
R & GF appreciates the significant participation and collaboration of our receivership and GF community.